BioPreservation Solutions & Services

CaseCryo™ : Developing the Next Generation of Cryo-Preservation Medias

Our team of expert cryobiologists have formulated and developed innovative cryopreservation solutions with the aim of significantly improving cell survival, post-preservation cell viability and reducing cellular stress. Improvements in all of these factors will lead to more successful outcomes in your research and clinical studies.

BioPreservation Challenges: CAR-T and other cell therapies must be kept alive during manufacturing, storage and shipping to maintain biological viability potency.

Reasons for Poor CryoPreservation Performance:

Poor Preservation Practices or Products

Temperature Deviations

Mechanical Shock

Therefore, the need for efficacious cryopreservation medias and practices is a significant factor in the success of cell therapy research and trials.

The cell therapy, gene therapy, biobanking and regenerative medicine industries are reliant on the continued development of  high quality and efficacious cryopreservation media produced under rigorous cGMP guidelines. Our commitment is to continuously develop the best in class products and develop a trusted partnership with our customers to ensure successful cryopreservation practices are implemented in their clinics and research centers.

Used to cryopreserve cells, stem cells, and cell components isolated from umbilical cord blood, peripheral blood, bone marrow, and other biologics.  CaseCryo products meet USP <71> Sterility and USP <85> Endotoxin testing standards and are manufactured per cGMP

Our Mission is your Success in each BioPreservation case

Our goal is to leverage our expertise in the cryopreservation of cells in the human assisted reproductive technology (ART) market and bring together a team of expert cryobiologists to formulate and develop innovative cryopreservation solutions. Our aim being to improve the shelf-life and post-preservation cell viability of cryopreserved cells, leading to more successful outcomes in our customers’ research and clinical studies.