Science Driven

Science Driven

As a science-driven biotech company, we are committed to conducting extensive research and development to advance media formulations for cell cryopreservation and in vitro culture. Our focus lies in providing solutions for sensitive applications such as cell and gene therapy, regenerative medicine, preclinical stem cell research, and other critical medical applications where long-term cell viability and safety are of paramount importance.

We take pride in our scientific team, consisting of experts with diverse backgrounds and extensive knowledge in media formulations and optimizations. Their expertise spans across various industries, including cryopreservation in reproductive medicine, cell metabolism, and stem cell and cell & gene therapy.

Discover how CaseBioscience can meet your needs with our unrivaled commitment to quality and scientific advancement.


Kevin Flynn

“The scientific team at CaseBioscience® with its leading cryobiologists, cell biologists, and development biologists, aims to bring in the market disruptive, innovative NON-DMSO formulations and improved methods of cryopreservation that offer safer and accessible alternatives in cell and gene therapies” says Chief Scientific Officer, Kevin Flynn, PhD. 

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