cGMP Custom Media Manufacturing

Introducing Custom Media Services: Tailored Solutions for Your Specific Needs

We are a proven & reliable ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturer of sterile media products used for any preclinical research or medical application.

We can manufacture any chemically defined sterile media products used in any critical research or medical application where cGMP, quality, traceability, documentation, and ISO 13485:2016 certification is crucial.

Our extensive experience has enabled our team to repeatedly execute complex manufacturing and logistics of highly regulated media products. With our Custom Media Services, you can confidently move beyond generic media formulations and access customized solutions tailored to your specific research and application needs. Let us collaborate with you to create “your” medium, unlocking new possibilities and maximizing the success of your scientific endeavors.

Media Development & Optimization

Work with CaseBioscience to optimize your existing media formulations.

These services enable you to further refine and enhance your current media formulations ensuring that your new media meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

Media Development & Optimization
Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Use our Express Media Service for flexible, small-batch production of media prototypes.

At CaseBioscience, we understand the importance of agility and efficiency in the development of media solutions. Our Rapid Prototyping service offers you the opportunity to expedite the production of media prototypes through our Express Media Service.

This service is specifically designed for flexible, small-batch production, allowing you to quickly iterate and evaluate different formulations without the constraints of large-scale production. With our Rapid Prototyping service, you can streamline your media development process, saving valuable time and resources while gaining valuable insights to refine and optimize your media formulations. Trust CaseBioscience to support you in bringing your ideas to life rapidly and effectively.

Rigorous quality control standards

Our ISO 13485:2016 certified biosolutions manufacturing facilities adhere strictly to cGMP guidelines for each step of the manufacturing practice from initial development to final quality control (QC) release. This ensures that we are able to consistently deliver high quality products.

Every batch meets USP <71> sterility & USP <85> Endotoxin testing standards of cGMP manufacturing.

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